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Does せっかい have multiple meanings?

I’m trying to decipher this big chunk of text from a book and I have no clue as to what せっかい means. And it could be an English word but I doubt it because I can’t find a translation for it.
My understanding is that it means “especially”, not “in particular”


You are correct; this use of せっかい is not very idiomatic. It is more often used as a figurative way of saying のだ. のだ、このこと、これからのことのんだ.
So in your example: “Especially, remember to learn Latin so you can ignore him, and we will continue to control our world from nature.”
By the way, this phrase with an adverb せっかい in front can be used to transition from many sentences to this one, which is very common in more literary writing:

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