Beenie Man Many Moods Of Moses Z 🔷

Beenie Man Many Moods Of Moses Z 🔷


Beenie Man Many Moods Of Moses Z

The re-contruction of “Girls Dem Sugar” with Future featuring Josie B. followed a first single featuring a new female vocalist named Mya, and hit number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 before being certified gold. The song marked his return to single fatherhood, but the 2010 inquest into the death of his son also brought forth Beenie Man the father and musician, the first of many in a preternaturally long career. Reluctant to return to music — he would continue touring to support his solo studio album (and the 2011 tournament), but the impact of his image and his political advocacy of drug reform and unity among Caribbean people — even if he doesn’t always get the credit for it — served as a template for others.

2010 will be the 41st year of his music career. His career has touched the lives of so many people across so many musical genres, it’s hard to not to want to throw a party. One way to do that, of course, is by going to 2011 tour.

Show a friend a picture of this man holding a portrait of Christ and he’ll tell you it’s Beenie Man. Show him a photo of a naked woman and he’ll know it’s Beenie Man. Show him a replica of an Sonic the Hedgehog video game figure and he’ll know it’s Beenie Man. Show him a video of Beenie Man and he’ll know it’s Beenie Man. Seriously.

There’s been no better time to see him than now, either. Whether it’s two sold-out shows starting today in St. Louis, or opening for Alicia Keys on Wednesday, with his latest album, “Many Moods Of Moses,” hitting stores in capital claw-mo Music stores tomorrow, or playing Spirogyra later tonight — Beenie Man is taking his place in the (growing) pantheon of dancehall legends, showing us all just what you’ve always wanted to know.


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