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The “HyperMotion Technology” is split into two components:

“Real Player Physics”

Fifa 22 Product Key marks the first time in the series’ history that players have been driven by real-world physics. This involves the use of “Universe Acceleration” (Ua), a brand new input feature to create realistic movements in on-field scenarios. Ua enables players to perform dynamic actions with a wide range of realistic techniques, such as dribbling, shooting and feinting.

“Real Player Possession”

The other “HyperMotion Technology” component, “Real Player Possession,” involves the use of CPU driven player body movements. The unique ability of “Real Player Possession” enables players to use their body’s ability to move like a real athlete. Players are able to move at top speed in any direction, dodge realistic touches, feint and fake, and control the trajectory of their run.

FIFA 22 introduces the world’s first “Real Player Possession” input feature.

Players and match situations can now be driven in lifelike scenarios, with players moving and reacting in a dynamic and authentic way. For example, the goalkeeper is able to move like a real goalkeeper and dive to the ground. He is then in a realistic position and is able to move and react like a goalkeeper. Pitches in FIFA 22 move faster and denser, and the acceleration of balls is more realistic, allowing players to score or defend in a variety of ways.

“FIFA 22” will be released on Aug. 27 in North America, Aug. 30 in Europe, and Aug. 31 in Japan.

New Performance Model

FIFA 22 introduces a new “Performance Model,” allowing the player to customize a unique style that can be used in any game mode, season, and competition. The detailed “Performance Model” allows players to configure and unlock realistic and authentic actions. These actions can be applied to any style of play, create a unique visual experience, and set a different playstyle for the player.

FIFA 22 introduces the “Performance Model,” allowing the player to customize their unique style.

New Attacking Maneuvers

FIFA 22 introduces 15 different attacking maneuvers, including quick, space-, and long-range shots, and a wide range of dribbling techniques. Players


Features Key:

  • NEW MULTITOUCH CONTROL SYSTEM – New controls switch to the front gamepad for dribbling and shooting – Launch an attack with skill and accuracy. Customise real-life movements with pre-placed reflectors on the football to add detail to your movement.
  • WIDE-RANGING CONTROLS – Move as the midfielder and the striker and dribble like your favorite player.
  • NEW OFF-BALL CONTROL – Exactly when you want to earn a free kick, call a new off-ball system that offers a new control scheme that allows you to decide exactly when to give away a free kick.
  • ENTIRE FOOTBALL AUDIENCE – FIFA offers the most authentic football experience on console, featuring voices of real-life football stars in the FUT locker-room – Unlock the famous football stars in FIFA through sheer domination. Twenty minutes of private conversations with each of the FUT stars become yours after FUT acquisition.
  • NEW AUTHENTIC WEAPONS – Choose from a wide range of authentic authentic football boots and clothing that are also compatible with FUT gamers, with more to unlock.
  • FEATURE RAISED GAMEPLAY – New ball physics provide more control during high-intensity play, with more speed and direction for the ball.


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    For the first time, FIFA lets you experience the emotion and spectacle of the World’s Game like never before. Now, you can walk, run, tackle and pass like a pro. New responsive dribbling and pinpoint accurate pass moves place you at the centre of the action like never before.

    FIFA 22 creates a deeper, more tactical and mobile-optimised experience on every pitch, where challenges can be overcome with control of your team on or off the ball. With thousands of new animations, every piece of kit and every touch of the ball has been meticulously crafted to deliver the authentic feel of the real game.

    To keep it fresh, FIFA 22 introduces a full year of new features including Tutorials, the New Players Animation, The Journey, Developed from the ground up, FIFA 22 puts the goalkeeper, no pun intended, right in the thick of it. Unrestricted coverage of the World’s Game means every corner of the field is playable, from the biggest of tournaments to local matches, and never before has it been so easy to play the best football in the world.

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.


    New Player Animation

    A complete overhaul of the player creation process means that the real looking, mobile-optimised graphics are only the beginning of what comes at you in the editor. After taking on the skills of a professional trainer, players can be viewed by squad mates, team mates and the fans, in-game and on the pitch. Master all aspects of your player development and bring your player to life!


    Now available on Training, Roster Management, MyClub, and The Journey, Tutorials gives you quick and simple help as you play a game for the first time. From simple grid play to a free kick animation, there’s a tutorial for every player type and every move. Getting straight to the point, tutorials are the easiest way to get started with FIFA 22.

    Development of the New Player Animation

    The new animation system in FIFA 22 provides a number of unique features, allowing players to move with greater fluidity and expression. Over 70 new animations have been created to give players an authentic and lifelike feel. New animations for players come into the game in line with FIFA 21, so there’s no need to create new animations for


    Fifa 22 Activation

    FIFA 22 marks the FIFA Ultimate Team return. Create, train, and lead your very own Ultimate Team, built from more than 100 players available in FIFA Ultimate Team.


    Matchday includes a new play-by-play announcers with new commentary styles as well as new commentary settings for Challenge Leagues and Friendly Leagues. New to FIFA 22 is the way that you control the technical aspects of your game on the pitch, as the equipment you use on the pitch determines the style of play. Each piece of equipment is “Boosted” and you can boost one piece of equipment at the start of a match and have it active for the duration of the match. You can also change these boosters to the newly added Intellibot Technology to give your players a boost in the game. The equipment boost can occur anytime before a player gains possession.

    New ways to play

    There are five difficulty levels, both on and off the pitch, as well as the ability to play with a controller or other controllers, a way of controlling the game using your in-game teammates and defenses, and ways to play with more players or AI players. Plus, FIFA 22 features the new Total Control Area or TCA that allows the player to adapt the play with their teammates and defensive strategies.

    Visual changes

    FIFA 22 features a graphical overhaul. The vision system has been completely redesigned, and the overall graphics look cleaner and more detailed.

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    With FIFA 22, the referees now have a whistle on their chest. The blown whistle prompts action on the pitch; the referee will give out yellow and red cards and throw in-game penalties for key situations. Three referees are used in the game, and one can be chosen from one of three categories:
    ”Other Additional Referee (On Pitch): Categorised by the player in the game that they are assigned to the referee panel.
    ”Additional Referee (Off-pitch): The referee assigned to a specific match. Players can vote for a referee before the match starts.
    ”Default Referee: The default referee is the referee with the highest FIFA ranking.


    Match awards
    FIFA 22 introduces a new match award that relates to the players’ performance in matches: a medal awarded to each player that plays a certain number of minutes in the match, as well as to the MVP.

    Absolute accuracy


    What’s new:

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