Microsoft Diagnostic And Recovery Toolset Msdart All In One V8 0 Sp1 34

Microsoft Diagnostic And Recovery Toolset Msdart All In One V8 0 Sp1 34


Microsoft Diagnostic And Recovery Toolset Msdart All In One V8 0 Sp1 34


You can use the repair your PC tool for help in fixing the errors mentioned above.
As a guide you may follow to repair your computer yourself, it may not fix all the issues and the procedure may take a long time to complete.
You need to turn on your PC and press the Windows key + R key. This will open the Run dialog box. In the command box type the following

When regedit is open, navigate to this folder

If you right-click on the registry key, select open, navigate to the File Location box, and replace with the following

Registry Key Edit

Use the arrow keys to select Add, click the Change button, and select DWORD (32-bit) Value. Click OK, and name the DWORD Value RepairVersion.
Select the DWORD Value and click the Modify button
In the Value data box, enter the below text

Click OK, and close the Registry Editor and your PC will be repaired.

Repair your PC tool opens a dialog box containing the name of the software you want to repair and gives you the option to repair or ignore.

Click the Repair button to start the repair process. If the repair can’t fix the problem, move to step 4 to troubleshoot the problem.

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