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Costa, NikkaSeveral top House Republicans, including House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy Kevin Owen McCarthyTrump asked Chamber of Commerce to reconsider Democratic endorsements: report The Hill’s Morning Report – Sponsored by The Air Line Pilots Association – White House moves closer to Pelosi on virus relief bill Trump’s sharp words put CDC director on hot seat MORE (R-Calif.), have acknowledged that the House Intelligence Committee is having a hard time obtaining witnesses who have been willing to testify publicly or behind closed doors during its sprawling probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and any ties to Trump associates.

McCarthy has publicly said he wants to hear from “the women” on the intelligence committee and that they are “not going to be intimidated” by the committee’s Republican chairman.


“You’ve got to get these women to come forward and be able to testify,” McCarthy told the Los Angeles Times.

“The women should not be intimidated by anything. They’ve got to come forward.”

The four major female names so far that have been confirmed to testify before the committee have refused to show up for scheduled appearances, leaving the GOP majority on thin ice as it tries to hold public hearings and question key figures from the Trump campaign and administration.

A handful of other female figures have said they are prepared to speak, but so far have refused to reveal their identities.

“The women should be encouraged to talk and come forward,” McCarthy told the Times.

“It’s very hard to get women to come forward to testify, and they should be encouraged to do so.”

As McCarthy works to secure a probe with access to those women, he is facing pressure from his own party to appoint a special counsel to examine the issue.

Democrats have demanded the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia, and have suggested that top GOP lawmakers are trying to quash the investigation.

“They have to be treated seriously,” McCarthy told the Times.

“You can’t have a witch hunt on this.”

FBI Director James Comey James Brien ComeyDemocrats fear Russia interference

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