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Looking for addresses, emails or other such information in files can prove a daunting task if you do not know which document contains the data you need. However, there are means of locating them without too much effort, for instance, SearchBasic.
The application enables you to identify words inside the contents of text documents in just a few keystrokes and mouse moves, returning the results within moments.
Novice-friendly and approachable GUI
In terms of appearance, SearchBasic is not particularly impressive, but it is sufficiently intuitive and easy to handle, even for the less advanced computer users.
The main window is split into two tabs, namely ‘Search’ and ‘Options’, the former allowing you to define the lookup criteria, while the latter lets you configure size-related details, in order to refine the results.
Find words inside RTF or TXT documents with ease
For starters, you will need to specify the format of the file you intend to target; unfortunately, you can only use one at a time, for instance ‘.rtf’. In the ‘Text To Find’ field, you can input the word you are looking for, having the possibility of enabling case sensitivity by checking the corresponding box.
Equally important, you need to specify the targeted directory, being able to include or exclude subfolders, if necessary. In the ‘Options’ tab, you can limit the size of the files you want to search through, as well as their number or that of the displayed results.
Finally, you can press the ‘Search’ button in the main window and within moments, depending on how extensive the operation is, your results will be listed in the left panel, so you can click on the entries and view more details about them in the right panel. Optionally, you can open its file location or copy the text to clipboard.
A practical tool for locating text inside files
In short, SearchBasic is a simple yet useful piece of software created to assist you in swiftly identifying names, addresses or other important information in text documents, without having to manually browse their contents.


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SearchBasic Crack + With Key Free Download

Image via Free Software Directory
SearchBasic is designed for locating text inside a directory tree while requiring a simple configuration process.
The most captivating aspect of the application is its speed, which is ensured by the relatively well-thought-out search concept it adopts.
On the ‘Features’ tab, you will learn more about the ways in which you can use this basic text search facility; subsequently, you can read the ‘Installation’, ‘License’ and ‘Supported Platforms’ sections, which describe how to install and run the program on your computer.
• How to use SearchBasic:
Once you start SearchBasic, you will see the ‘Usage’ pane, which includes three tabs: ‘Options’, ‘File Search’ and ‘Summary’, each of which contains the related options, buttons and functions.
In the ‘Options’ tab, you can find some useful settings that are useful for the process, while the ‘File Search’ tab enables you to set size-related details, turn on or off the ‘case sensitive’ option, restrict the displayed results and check some default options, which include a series of settings that are useful for the operation. Lastly, the ‘Summary’ tab brings together the information you may need.
• ‘Case sensitive’:
You can check this option on ‘Search Parameters’. According to this setting, you can modify the way which words are searched through; you can also explore the ‘Search’ pane, set the ‘Text To Find’ field, modify the ‘Matchcase’ parameter and limit the size of the entries you wish to search, or put a time limit on the operation.
• ‘File Search’ tab:
With this pane, you can modify the size setting, decide whether or not you want to search for occurrences of a certain string within the file and activate the ‘Case sensitive’ option.
• ‘RTF searches’:
You can go for this feature on ‘Options’. There, you can set the maximum file size, specify the kind of file to search and enable the ‘RTF search’ option.
• ‘Specified size’:
You can turn on this setting on ‘Options’. Here, you can specify the size of a certain file you want to search

SearchBasic Crack

SearchBasic is a simple application, which makes your task easier and more comfortable. It allows you to find names, addresses and other details in text documents in just a few keystrokes and mouse moves. Moreover, it is free to use.
What is new in this version:
Some functions have been enhanced.
Fixed a bug that caused some files to open.
Fixed some issues with the import of some files.
Fixed a bug that caused crash with some applications.
What is new in version 1.1.2
Fixed a bug that caused some files to open.
Fixed some issues with the import of some files.
Improved some commands.
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SearchBasic Crack+ Full Version 2022 [New]

Developed by EvoSoft, the pc software enables you to identify text inside files from a single mouse click, returning the results in seconds.
Written in C++, the application can operate within all major Windows platforms, with the exception of Windows 7 and 8.
A sturdy desktop utility
The Windows-compatible application is packed with many advanced features, the most notable being that it can locate text inside RTF and TXT documents, simultaneously, in addition to supporting multiple languages and displaying the respective translations.
Furthermore, it includes numerous functionalities, such as syntax highlighting and spell checking.
Finally, SearchBasic is a desktop application that comes without any hidden costs, restricting you only to its free use.
The software can be easily downloaded from the company website,

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The price

What’s New in the?

The program identifies and locates the specified words found inside RTF files.
NEW: Improved and faster scanner included.
NEW: Universal searches.
NEW: Search within all files found in the current folder and subfolders.
NEW: Search in files in batch.
NEW: Command line control.
NEW: Full Unicode support.
NEW: Support in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish and Vietnamese languages.
NEW: Support for Persian (Farsi) language.
UPDATE: Improved user interface.
UPDATE: Added detailed information in the left panel
UPDATE: Improved the toolbar.
UPDATE: Additional languages support.
UPDATE: Improvements in the code and speed.
UPDATE: Added pause time to the pause key.
UPDATE: Added close button to the application main window.
UPDATE: Added detailed version information.
UPDATE: Improved installation.
UPDATE: Reduced the file size.
UPDATE: Uninstallation instructions.
UPDATE: Reordered the order of toolbars.
UPDATE: Made the toolbars resizable.
UPDATE: Added command line control.
UPDATE: Added the toolbar buttons.
UPDATE: Fixed the “Help” button in the main window.
UPDATE: Improved the main window format.
UPDATE: Improved the main window scroll bar behavior.
UPDATE: Improved the toolbar icon.
UPDATE: Changed the status bar icons.
UPDATE: Made the main window resizable.
UPDATE: Updated the help file.
UPDATE: Added the toolbars to the Windows Modules.
UPDATE: Added the context menu support.
UPDATE: Removed the progress bar.
UPDATE: Added mouse over tooltip to the option labels.
UPDATE: Added the “Pause” key to the menu.
UPDATE: Upgraded to the latest version of the program’s sources.
UPDATE: Fixed problems with the Windows Shell integration.
UPDATE: Fixed errors in the previous versions when the Windows Shell Integration was used.
UPDATE: Updated the text resources.
UPDATE: Improved the main window about label.
UPDATE: Bug fixes in the Windows Shell Integration.
UPDATE: Improved the documentation.

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System Requirements:

*Internet access required for gameplay (you do not need a high speed internet)
*Steam is strongly recommended.
*NVIDIA GPUs with 1GB or more VRAM are recommended. We also support AMD cards.
*OS: Windows 7, 8 and above (64-bit only)
*AMD Radeon RX560 or RX570 GPU or above
Patch 1.5.1 Released!
Implemented new attack that sometimes make light attacks stop as an interactive attack has been added for the ARMs for the start of combat

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