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Splinter Cell Blacklist Crack UPD Multiplayer 14

Splinter Cell Blacklist Crack UPD Multiplayer 14


Splinter Cell Blacklist Crack Multiplayer 14

sam and fisher go to washington to head up the investigation. they are given $5 million from the cia director. it consists of $2 million in credit card credit, $1 million in cash, and $2 million in funds to the department. sam and fisher journey to the white house to meet with the director of the cia. he gives them the money with the mission to kill the engineers. as sam and fisher move towards the white house, fisher realizes there is a sniper on the roof of the american war memorial, the building they are on. sam and fisher head to the roof of the war memorial. they find a microphone with audio connected to a monitor. they stop to listen to a recording which makes no sense in russian. the room next door is a long hallway with an elevator that goes to the basement of the war memorial. fisher starts to chase the shooter, while sam activates her acoustic bombs on the earpiece, destroying it. the shooter is identified as “the controleur” who is a french counter-intelligence agent. fisher kills him in the hallway.

sam and fisher travel to istanbul. there, they find an empty hotel which they think could be a safe house. the search leads them to several rooms where they find only ghosts. sam and fisher leave the hotel and decide to head to the third blacklist attack to discover the engineer’s source. they find a bomb shipment heading to israel. from there they head to amman, jordan. there, they find an underground railroad used by terrorists to move goods and people across the country. sam and fisher follow the convoy to an egyptian border crossing. inside the egyptian border crossing a fight breaks out. during the course of the fight a turkish criminal manages to steal a van filled with the explosives. sam and fisher find the criminal and kill him. they continue to follow the convoy towards cairo. however, a large ambush ensues and during the chaos of the fight the engineer manages to escape and warns his partners to abort the mission. sam and fisher get separated and are forced to split up. they head to cairo to find evidence at the luxor temple. sam shoots the engineer, but the engineer only takes a guard hostage.


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