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VBReFormer Professional Edition 5.4 32 🏁


Vbreformer Professional Edition 5.4 32

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Mar 28, 2017
Mar 29, 2017

Is there any free VB decompiler available?


“Not legal” is a bit too broad. You need to specify what you mean by “free”. There are “free” components of VB, but you usually don’t want to use those unless your company is not going to charge you for a license, because you can’t distribute them.
If I was creating my own “freeware” decompiler, I would have to make it very difficult to decompile. There’s no way I’d decompile all of the functions that make up the VB language. Decompiling the function names is usually enough to get a viable VB program.
There are a bunch of decompilers that are on “freeware” sites. However, it would be difficult to find one that really does what you want, because it’s very hard to do reverse engineering. So, those are probably not the right answer either.
There are hobbyist software shops that sell disassemblers that let you decompile. I’ve not been able to find any that are full-featured, though. Also, your options are narrower if you want to make a reasonable living.

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Vbreformer Professional Edition 5.4 32

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