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LeoCrystal is a Monte Carlo program for the dynamic simulations of a growing crystal. The crystal is growing from the single-crystal solution having a cubic shape and a constantly moving surface with a moving time scale.
Beside calculation of the crystal’s growth rate and surface roughness the program calculates the growth sequences of the various faces of the crystals, shapes of the different grain boundaries, the total surface, volume and size of the solid. The direction of the crystal surface migration and the crystallinity of the surface can be also calculated.
LeoCrystal allows the quantitative assessment of the crystallization process on the basis of the appropriate thermodynamic and geometrical parameters.
1. The crystal is growing from a single-crystal solution.
2. The crystal has a constantly moving surface with a surface time scale.
3. The surface of the crystalline phase is characterized by a non-perfect smoothness.
4. The surface roughness (s – surface area of the surface, r – root mean square – average deviation from the surface center) is calculated during the growth cycle of the solution.
5. A few different orientations of the crystal (crystal’s axis, faces, etc.) are allowed.
6. The process is running according to the half-time method.
7. The process is non-equilibrium, and the kinetic growth rate of the crystal is not equal to the concentration change rate of the solution.
Process Features:
1. A hypothetical composition of the solution may be adjusted.
2. The obtained results can be accessed in a common spreadsheet.
3. A large number of different calculation sequences of the crystal’s surface, volume, and time is possible.
4. Different crystal shapes (cube, truncated cube, prism, etc.) may be designed.
5. The program provides the possibility to study growth of the crystal in free space or in an external medium.
6. The growth of the crystal on a spherical surface is calculated.
Technical Details:
LeoCrystal is a program written in Delphi XE. It has been tested on Windows 7.
1.The program with the maintenance version is available in the following link:

2. The open-source development version is available in the following link:

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1.Graphical user interface for crystal modelling.
2.Software for crystal model development and investigation of crystallization parameters.
3.Coordinates and graphical representation of the simulated crystal.
4.Possible variations of shape and size of the simulated crystal.
5.Numeric calculations.
6.Many resulting charts.
7.Database for various materials.
8.Program of memory size stabilization.
9.Possible usage of program for some of the analysis and prediction of the process.
10.Simulated electrochemical and non-electrochemical processes.

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LeoCrystal Crack + Free

LeoCrystal is an application that provides a user-friendly interface and allows to research the process of crystal growth.
It’s providing a unique technique that makes the simulation of crystal growth practically identical to a real-world process.
The key idea of this technique is the way to cut the surface from the model of the growing crystal, let’s call the assembly of segments as semi-crystals.
The semi-crystals are the tiny portions of the real crystal with uniform morphology and structure but having predefined geometrical sizes.
It’s means that the application is not using the full surface of the crystal only the one which is getting smaller and smaller as the simulation proceeds, therefore, one can conclude that it is a kind of virtual cutting tool for the surface of the growing crystal, and its innovative approach increases the application’s specificity.
Some features of LeoCrystal that makes it unique:
• There’s a multi-level directory where one can choose a different process or analysis you want to see.
• You can preview the results of the simulation on a predefined crystal morphology and select the parameters of the process.
• You can easily set up multiple identical simulations and save all the final results.
• There’s a scheduler for multiple simulations to avoid switching between them.
• There’s a valuable help section you can use in case of any troubles or problems with the application.
• There are lots of ways to improve the simulation and the process:
– select the geometrical sizes of the semi-crystals.
– select the different thermodynamic parameters of the process.
– select a crystallographic orientation of the base plate (for growing of the seeds).
– use the additional type of boundaries (to reduce changes in the crystal morphology due to the boundaries).
• You can export the results to MS Excel, Draw, JPG.
• The application supports multiple languages such as English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and so on.
• The application is optimized for all types of devices and supports almost all popular platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, etc.).
The last version of the application:
1. Added a significantly better visual input interface.
2. Optimized a path to the main directory.
3. Optimized cache for the main directory.
4. Optimized the usage of the memory.
5. Optimized the code for resolution

LeoCrystal is a smart application that performs numerical Monte

What’s New In?

LeoCrystal is a smart application that performs numerical Monte Carlo modeling of reaction on the surface of any growing crystal for research and educational purposes.
LeoCrystal lets you estimate the influence of effective geometrical sizes of structural elements of the crystal and thermodynamic parameters of the process on the topology and kinetics of the crystallization.
Graphs depicting different crystal stages are also part of this program’s functions. For example, you can add it all the crystal characteristics and produce multiple results regarding its nature.
As soon a process of crystal growth is presented itself in practically all major technology processes an in-depth understanding of the complexity of it is essential for professional research in a different area of applied science.
The application can be useful in the nanotechnology investigations as it’s permitting off-site optimizing design on the molecule scale level.
Furthermore, it can analyze the types of molecular structures on the crystals.
The process is running by using mathematical formulas in order to determine the features of the crystal’s rough or smooth surfaces.
To sum it up, LeoCrystal is a professional tool that can aid students or/and professors in their projects.
LeoCrystal’s directory structure is:
|— MainlyLeoCrystal\
|— Documentation
|— HelpQ:

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