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Windows Winset 3.8.6 Free PC/Windows

Windows Winset is a software utility for enhancing the performance of your computer by customizing Windows system settings, optimizing Windows system performance, and cleaning up data left behind by spyware and other unwanted applications.
Window Winset is a comprehensive utility for customizing your computer settings and optimizing system performance. You can also use the free version to improve your computer’s performance.
Do you have problems with spyware and other undesirable programs?
Has your computer slowed down over time?
Is your computer constantly making errors, displaying popups or other problems?
Do you experience random shutdowns and freezes?
Do you use IE 10?
Does your computer have a poor operating speed?
Do you experience frequent data loss?
Have you used the Registry to correct system problems?
If so, you have already met with system errors or crashes.
Do you frequently receive pop-up messages?
Do you frequently receive sudden shut downs?
Do you frequently receive long boot-up times?
Do you receive pop-ups, alarms or errors?
Do you need to clean up data on your computer?
Windows Winset is an effective tool for managing Windows and Internet Explorer, improving the system performance, and decreasing data loss on your computer. Windows Winset will allow you to:
Adjust the Windows registry.
Remove unnecessary files and programs.
Improve the performance of your PC by reducing slow startup times.
Update the IE Explorer.
Clean out junk files and unused temporary files.
Fix various startup problems.
Customize the appearance of IE to make it more attractive.
Windows Winset runs on Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server.
Windows Winset key features:
Fast, easy and free: Windows Winset is a free system optimization utility that allows you to manage various system settings, optimize computer performance and clean out junk on your PC.
Regular and weekly maintenance: Windows Winset features a simple yet effective wizard to automate regular maintenance to improve the performance of your PC and prevent future problems.
Manage multiple tasks at once: Windows Winset lets you manage numerous system settings simultaneously, such as:
Hide the user interface and My Computer
Hide the Recycle Bin and other icons
Resize the My Computer, Recycle Bin, Desktop, Documents, Favorites and Tools menus
Enable/Disable autorun programs and services
Delete junk files, empty the Recycle Bin, optimize your memory and clean temporary files
Improve System performance: Windows Winset allows you to optimize

Windows Winset 3.8.6 Crack Torrent


No description available.

Windows Winset-CD Description:

Sets of features available as the full, as well as the trial version of Windows Winset-CD.
Windows Winset (Windows Vista/Windows 7, Windows 8) is a complete solution for optimizing your computer in a convenient way. The program allows to view information about computer’s hardware, settings, system, services and components, as well as its security and file system. The solution includes a variety of tools for tweaking the operating system, for optimizing performance, for enhancing safety and protection, and for increasing the efficiency of computers, and which can be used separately as well as in a single package.
The main application window is divided into five main tabs: Hardware, Optimization, Setting, Cleaner and Security and Toolbox.
The Optimization tab allows you to change the following elements of the operating system:
– Windows Registry
– Add an icon shortcut on the Windows desktop
– Hide the “My Computer” icon
– Run programs/custom applications without clicking the desktop icon
– Change the behavior of File Explorer’s jump list (when you open an item in this list, an icon is opened in the desktop or in a folder)
– Adjust System Tray
– Set the desktop icon style
– Change the keyboard layout
– Automatically login
– Add/modify run/runas properties
– Disable the autorun of apps
– Shred Windows files and folders
– Set start up timer, and schedule shutdown, reboot, hibernation
– Reduce disk input/output system cache
– Add or remove several startup programs
– Set the following Windows elements: Desktop, Window Menu, Start Menu
– Hide/unhide shortcuts on the desktop
– Disable services
– Show hidden files and folders
– Change the computer name
– Disable UAC (User Account Control)
– Enable/disable Internet Explorer’s built-in security settings
– Edit the Internet Explorer’s settings and preferences
– Hide/unhide Recent Items (when you open an item in this list, a thumbnail of the folder opens in the desktop or in a folder)
– Adjust Internet Explorer’s settings
– Adjust Mouse
– Hide Recycle Bin
– Show/hide the File and Properties dialog boxes
– Change the default icon
– Change the folder icon’s

Windows Winset 3.8.6 [32|64bit]

Windows Winset – Optimization and Tweaks for Windows XP, Vista and 7
Software Sub Category: System Tweakers
Operating System: Windows UIKit.framework/Headers/UIView.h








What’s New in the Windows Winset?

Windows Winset is a comprehensive application that sports a numerous range of tools for boosting the performance level of your workstation.
Multiple computer areas to tweak
After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are welcomed by a clean window with a well-organized layout, where Windows Winset's main tools are categorized into Hardware, Optimization, Setting, Cleaner, Security and Toolbox.
You can view information concerning the computer, operating system, CPU and BIOS, display adapter, memory and disk, network adapter, input and audio. These details can be saved to an XLS or TXT file for further evaluation.
The optimization feature focuses on Windows system tools (e.g. disk input and output system cache size, Windows sound, menu and Start menu speed, debugging tools), boot speed-up (disable autorun apps), automatic login, Windows services (manage autorun services) and memory (e.g. automatic memory optimization at every specified time interval).
Optimize aesthetics, browser security, and schedule events
It is possible to customize Windows system settings (e.g. hide My Computer or Recycle Bin from the desktop, disable Registry Editor), the Windows and Internet Explorer folder paths, display of drives, wallpaper and logon screen, folders icon, file/folder attributes, and the desktop icon style.
Windows Winset is also capable of cleaning Windows system and IE browser trace files, junk items from the hard disk, as well as the Registry, while the security features revolve around Windows patches, UAC management, disk immunization and Registry backup.
Last but not least, Windows Winset provides several tools for file encryption, compression and shredding, hotkeys customization for virtual desktops, as well as for scheduling a computer shutdown, along with direct access to numerous Windows tools.
To end with
As you can see, Windows Winset includes a very large range of tools for optimizing your computer in a simple manner. It requires a low-to-moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, and generally carries out tasks rapidly. No error dialogs have been shown in our tests and the app did not hang or crash. Thanks to its ease of use and impressive features, Windows Winset should please the entire audience.
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System Requirements:

Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon XP, or higher.
Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.
512 MB of RAM.
Dual Shock 2 Gamepad required to play.
USB Keyboard and Mouse recommended.
A DVD or CD-ROM drive.
30 GB of free hard drive space for installation.
If you have problems with the games please update your video drivers.
The Collector’s Edition contains the following items:Q:
Use a jQuery plugin’s function in another

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